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Hunger Games, Review

Hunger Games, The Movie.

Firstly, the casts were an excellent choice. Each maintain a great amount of respect for the characters they play. Going as close as possible to the way they were written. Books which are turned into movies always run the risk of disappointing and for Hunger Games I would say that they did a truly good job in translating the book into a movie.

A few minor glitches for me for example how Katniss came into possession of the Mockingjay pin, how Rue died was downplayed, and how Peeta was left unharmed by the mutts during the finale.

In the book, the Mockingjay pin was given to Katniss by the Mayor’s daughter (Madge) and the pin actually belongs to Madge’s aunt who was a tribute to one of the Hunger Games and met her demise on the game’s field. The Mockingjay pin coming from this origin was interesting to me because it is as if each time Katniss fights, she fights for all those who fell victim to the game and the game itself served to oppress the people of Panem. Now that the movie showed that it was bought, the meaning for me just diminished a little bit.

Rue’s death as was written was a lot more dramatic and the way Katniss said her goodbye was even more emotionally taxing. The book descibes Katniss findnig Rue 'hopelessly entangled in a net. She just has time to reach her hand through the mesh and say my name before the spear enter her body.' It continues with 'the boy…dies before he can pull out the spear. My arrow drives deeply into the centre of his neck.' In the movie, Katniss was in time to pull Rue out of the mesh and shot Marvel through the chest. It was less messy in the movie. But its PG 13 after all. But it’s not that sad when you downplay the gore. When reading the book, I was also taken away at the tenderness, which was so human, that Katniss showed Rue as she imagined that it was her sister there dying, was not fully captured by the movie.

Peeta in the finals was helping Katniss up the Cornucopia when 'a pair of teeth ring together just centimetres from my hand and then I hear Peeta cry out, feel the yank in his body, the heavy weight of boy and mutt pulling me…' Peeta lost his leg at the end of book one and needed a prosthetic. I thought that was an important part, as the book following the first makes many reference to the prosthetic leg.

Well, that was the book in comparison to the movie. The book has much more gore, then again a book’s value is relative to your imagination. And I need to continuously remind myself it is a PG13 movie.

The game maker set though was fantastic. Truly futuristic. And the flaming dress which Katniss debut with surpassed my expectation and even my imagination. Though the relationship between Peeta and Katniss in the movie was not so clearly defined, at least Jennifer and Josh did not blow the romance out of proportion.

So, except for minor glitches, the movie was quite alright. It was not superbly awesome but it was better than good. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was an excellent choice. Josh as Peeta was o-k. Haven’t fallen in love with his embodiment of Peeta, I feel like he’s holding back a little. But then again, Peeta even in the book have always been a little bit of a mystery. Liam as Gale, not much to say. As even in the book Gale did not make much of an appearance. Lenny Kravits as Cinna was brilliant! Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, I did not see coming. But he was good. He did his part.

There we go, Hunger Games. Can’t wait to see how Catching Fire would go. I think Catching Fire would be a little bit difficult as a movie as most of what went on in Book 2 was Katniss thought process. Much more than book 1. A lot more romances though. Something for the tweens to look forward to but I hope the movie do not over do it. The beauty of Hunger Games is it’s interpretation of love. Which I believe not many people get. It’s not a love at first sight thing. Katniss have known Gale for so long and Katniss never paid attention to Peeta and in book 1 as far as Katniss was concerned, was an act. Katniss is not Bella, Gale and Peeta are not Edward and Jacob.

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