Don't just pass it. Experience it.

Life can be a bit on the downside sometimes. But every dog has its day. So once in awhile we get a little upside in life. We can't control fate. But we can control ourselves. So this is me. Living life. Experiencing life. Every anger, every frustration, every hate, every love, every passion and everyone. Don't just pass it. Experience it.
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Despite what you’ve read, your sadness is not beautiful. No one will see you in the bookstore, curled up with your Bukowski, and want to save you.
Stop waiting
for a salvation that will not come from the grey-eyed boy looking for an annotated copy of Shakespeare,
for an end to your sadness in Keats.
He coughed up his lungs at 25, and flowery words cannot conceal a life barely lived.
Your life is fragile, just beginning, teetering on the violent edge of the world.
Your sadness will bury you alive, and you are the only one who can shovel your way out with hardened hands and ragged fingernails, bleeding your despair into the unforgiving earth.
Darling, you see, no heroes are coming for you. Grab your sword, and don your own armor.
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You little rebel ;)

You little rebel ;)

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Why you mad mom?

The joys of fluffy corgi ownership

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Emilia Clarke at Comic-Con 2012


Yup. That and, “lets go play with your dragons!”

I would have done the same. 

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Empower, Liberate, Transform!

If I continue trying, there still exist a chance that one day I might succeed but if I were to give up, I have no chance of succeeding at all. The sentiment was from one of Nick Vujicic’s videos that I watched about three to four years back. It remains in my memory though the actual words have been forgotten. 

There are so many battles in the world. Some which involves physical violence and some which involves societal threats and mental oppression though the body is free to wonder. 

Recently, I just finished a book entitled Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. The book  gave me a whole new perspective on equality and feminism. People often think the problem with women and why there are not many of them in leadership positions is because they are not empowered enough. I told my classmates about the role of women once and their answer was: and that is why we need to empower women!. I think it is more than empowerment that women need. They need moral support and encouragement that it is possible to be professionally successful and have a family. Growing up, I was raised to believe that I could achieve anything that I set my mind to. Albeit that however, there still exist sentiments in my life that reminds me of where a woman’s place ought to be and that is: home, with her husband and kids. Growing up in an Asian household there is also an overshadowing pressure for a woman to marry. Especially for a person of native heritage like mine where  success is measured not on your degree and professional achievements but on how many children you have. On top of that, it is expected that the woman would go where her husband takes her, even if it is at the expense of quitting her job. Cook for your husband, clean for your husband. In Lean In, Sandberg gave a brilliant metaphor of a marathon race.. The men in the race is continuously cheered on whilst the women though initially cheered were later indirectly pressured to quit the race as a result of cultural and societal expectations. I think it is time, for us to do away with culture that prevents us from fulfilling our highest potentials. I am not married and neither do I have children therefore I would not know how well her book would fair with other women who are married or have kids. For me, the book had helped shed a different light on how the world works,  how it is supposed to work and how it can work. Young women who aspire to be the best that they can be should read this book. 

On other news, the general election (GE13) is coming up. May 5th, 2013. Sadly it is on a Sunday, a day of obligation for Christians and my flight back to KL would also be on the night itself as the next day I would need to attend classes. Brilliant work on the part of the Election Commission! But condemning people and praising God in the same breath would be quite an irony so I’ll just leave it at that.

I know who I am voting for. Weird is when I still get statements from my friends who say that they do not care who wins. Firstly, you are in a University on your way to getting a degree. The moment you join the work force, a certain status is given to you by virtue of that degree. Do you not think that you ought to give back to society? Get down from your high horse, not many people are as lucky as you. Some people don’t even know the various opportunities that exist around them because the system has so ensured that generations after generations they would remain poor and marginalised. Apparently for some, knowledge does not translate to wisdom. Secondly, Sarawak is the laughing stock of the country. Non-Sarawakians are making statement of our home state as if they understand what is going on in the State and making up their mind that Sarawak truly is the land of the blind. If we do not help our own people, who will? Sarawak has a long way to go. But we have to start from somewhere. 

Empower, Liberate, Transform!

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The History Channel

Pretty cool. 

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Happy International Women’s Day.


Happy International Women’s Day.

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Capitol Portraits - Buttercup


Capitol Portraits - Buttercup

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